Meet The Noud Crew

Meet Natalie

I’m Natalie! Dog mom, Cuban-American, clean beauty evangelist, and co-founder of Noudle.

I’ve always been dog obsessed, but the Noudle story started three years ago while I was working in the [people] beauty industry and unable to find clean and eco-friendly products – especially for my pets! The rest is history.

Outside of Noudle HQ, you’ll find us hosting bring-your-dog dinner parties and taking Nola, Rex, and our foster pups on paddle boarding, camping, and road trip adventures – anyone else constantly finding treats in their pockets? After spending half my life physically disabled, I like to think I’m making up for the lost time with the time we spend outside! 

Happiness to me looks like a life with pets and the people who love them. Glad to have you along for the ride.

Meet Dave

Want to make any experience in life a bit better? Bring your dogs along.

I’m Dave, dog Dad, pilot, and co-founder of Noudle. I’ve always been partial to adventure – working for the US Coast Guard, sailing the Bering Sea, exploring the Arctic Circle and the westernmost point of Alaska. I like to say I was training to become a rescue swimmer and jump out of helicopters, then chose to fly them instead.

Where I’m finding the most meaning lately is in our life with dogs. Traveling, taking them on hikes, and letting them live their best lives. I’m the planner (every group needs one!), so I’m your guy for dog-friendly locations, trails, and tips for traveling with dogs.