• Noudle Bundle: So Fresh & So Clean, Clean
  • Noudle Bundle: So Fresh & So Clean, Clean

Noudle Bundle: So Fresh & So Clean, Clean

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Your pup will be the freshest they've ever been with these two shampoudles! Packed with ingredients for a deep clean, they'll be so fresh and so clean, clean. You get 2 Shampoudles plus a reusable burlap bag with gift wrap and a free bonus scrubber to make bath time a breeze.

Let your pup (or the pups in your life) dive into some serious holiday spirit with this paw-some gift! They'll get all of the holiday cheer without any of the wrapping paper! (Who needs a bow on top when you've already got it all?)

What's included: 

  • 1 Fragrance Free Shampoudle 
  • 1 Deep Cleaning Shampoudle 
  • 1 Burlap Reusable Gift Bag that says: "So Fresh & So Clean, Clean"
  • 1 Adjustable Silicone Scrubber 


About Fragrance Free Shampoudle

For the dog prone to skin irritation or allergies, Fragrance Free Shampoudle has got you covered.

Fragrance Free is our signature Shampoudle, formulated just for our puppies and sensitive pooches. It’s a gentle blend of no-nonsense ingredients. Aloe for soothing sensitive skin, coconut for gentle cleansing and oatmeal for its balancing properties – that’s about it! 

With Fragrance Free, you can expect all the cleansing power and no natural fragrances  that may irritate your dog’s delicate skin. 

That means your sensitive pooch can get dusty on the trail or the dog park, and still come home a happy camper.


About Deep Cleaning Shampoudle 

This is for the dog with the massive shake off, the drool bombs, and the muddiest paws. A real adventure dog that’s never seen a lake they won’t swim in or a mountain they won’t climb. 

Deep Cleaning is our formula powered by charcoal and an earthy blend of lemongrass, cedarwood, and pine for our dirty dogs that need an extra deep clean. Charcoal does the heavy lifting – gently exfoliating your dogs skin and absorbing dirt and oils without stripping the hair of natural oils. 

Bonus: Cedarwood, pine and lemongrass are a natural tick and bug repellant for all of your off-leash adventures. The charcoal will also help brighten white coats leaving your pup with extra shiney bright coat. 


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